Safari Holidays offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourselves in the sights and sounds of the real Africa.   Whether you are trying to catch a glimpse of the biggest beasts on earth, or looking to laze round a pool looking over the vast open plains, a safari holiday offers everything your globe-trotting heart desires.

The wildlife reserves of Africa will ignite your senses and offer you to most amazing experiences you could ever dream of.  Find the Big Five – the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros – on any of the world famous reserves, and make memories that will last you a lifetime to come.

Visiting Africa is an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of adventure, unique cultural encounters and spectacular scenery! Whilst urban areas and African cities are colourful, bustling places, a safari holiday gives you a complete change of scenery, allowing you to travel through Africa at a more relaxed pace.  Safari holidays offer the ultimate opportunity to completely recharge your batteries.

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Safari Holidays are perfect for adults travelling together, adventurous honeymooners or families with older children.  Although the main reason for visiting the great game reserves of Africa is to see the wildlife in it’s natural habitat, Africa also offers some incredibly beautiful and luxurious accommodation.  But don’t worry, even if you budget can’t stretch to luxury lodges,  there is plenty of traditional basic yet comfortable accommodation right in the midst of all the action.

If you are looking to experience the beauty of the continent from the poolside, world famous resorts like The Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the middle of the Serengeti  offer sumptuous luxury throughout. Complete with secluded guest rooms, an elegant spa and infinity pool private retreats like this are easy to come by on your exclusive African adventure.

If you are looking to honeymoon in Africa, you can treat you and your loved one to a private villa overlooking the plains of a private game reserve. Enjoy opulent accommodation with private pools, outdoor showers and even private fine dining experiences.   Private flight transfers from major airports, mean you will arrive at your destination in style.

From the world famous Serengeti Park to the Kruger National Park in South Africa or the Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa is the continent where dreams come true. Countries like Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia offer some of the most draw-dropping scenery and eclectic safari holidays you will ever encounter.

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Memories are made on the Great Plains of Africa. Our travel experts can find you the perfect safari holidays to meet all of your requirements.  Whether you are looking for five star travel lodges overlooking the bush, or want to get back to nature with more humble accommodation, our travel experts can find the right base for you.  We have a genuine passion for travelling the world, and Africa is one of out favourite and most exciting places to visit.  Let us advise you on the best way to find the big five on your African safari holiday 2017.

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