Escape to La Aldea de San Nicolas

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The island of Gran Canaria has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and it’s easy to see why. Miles of beautiful beaches, a welcoming local culture, only a short flight from most European airports and of course, the unbeatable year round weather conditions.

This also means that the tourism industry has left its mark with purpose built tourist resorts, shopping areas and entertainment zones serving the millions of visitors who descend on this little island each year.

Luckily, Gran Canaria has retained its Spanish charm and nowhere more so than the unspoiled municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás situated on the westernmost part of the island.

The drive to La Aldea from the south of the island takes you through the picturesque municipality of Mogán, where winding mountain roads dotted with small villages, lead onto the much more rugged mountain landscape of La Aldea de san Nicolás.

Arriving at the port La Aldea is like stepping back in time, there are no large hotels or over-commercialised areas, the beach is pebbled and it’s only concession to visitors are wooden sunbathing platforms dotted sparingly along it’s length.

What is apparent in La Aldea, is the local people’s passion for amazing fresh food. The tiny port has a remarkable selection of restaurants for its size, each bursting with locals and visitors alike, and serving traditional Canarian food, with a strong emphasis on fresh seafood.
The beach at La Aldea is pebbled, although a short fifteen-minute trek over a small hill at the western end of the beach, brings visitors to a breath-taking little cove, known locally as El Puerto.

There are no facilities at El Puerto, so remember to take water and sunscreen, once you mastered the slightly tricky decent to the beach, you’ll be rewarded with crystal clear water, glistening dark sand, and on weekdays, a beach possibly all to yourself!

Even though we recommend La Aldea as the place to go to ultimately relax, there is a lot going on culturally, both in the town and nearby. Check out the Museo Vivo or live museum, which is a live museum depicting Canarian culture and traditions. Or alternatively, head to the beach, where you can find the Archaeological Site of Los Caserones, where a rich collection of pintaderas, an ancient stamp or seal, and mud and stone idols were found, and are now preserved at the Museo Canario in Las Palmas. You can also visit the Túmulo Funerario or burial mound, of the Lomo de Casseroles

If you are looking to discover the ‘true Gran Canaria’, a taste of sleepy Canarian village life and some of the best fresh fish, tapas and shellfish on the island, La Aldea de San Nicolas is where its at!

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