A holiday to New York

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A holiday to New York is a must for anyone who loves exploring new things and being in a city environment.

The Big Apple is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Offering a lively and energetic atmosphere and a variety of things to do, New York is a destination that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Comprising of 5 boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx, that each have a different selection of landmarks, tourist attractions and bars, all areas of New York have a lot to offer.

What a Holiday to New York has to Offer

No matter which of the 5 boroughs you decide to jet off to, New York has stunning skyline views, energetic nightlife and a variety of historical attractions, making it the perfect destination for travellers from across the globe.

Tourist Attractions

The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square are just a few of the biggest tourist attractions featured across New York.

All of the attractions and landmarks are open to the public and viewing them is a must.

Night Life

With its streets lined with bars and night clubs, it’s no wonder that New York has a reputation for being one of the best cities in America for buzzing nightlife.

Jazz bars, cabarets, Broadway performances and nightclubs provide the opportunity to explore and experience all areas of entertainment that can suit any age group.

Movie Sets and TV Shows

As the home of Friends and hundreds of other movies and TV shows, New York is full to the brim of film sets.

From the Bone Collector to Sex and the City, the boroughs of New York have set the stage for some of the most well-known movies.

Although the majority of scenes in Friends were shot in LA, the iconic view of the Monica’s apartment building can be found on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street in New York City.

Artwork and Museums

New York is home to some of the most famous art galleries and museums in the world so if you have an interest in all forms or art and ancient history, you can fill your days looking at historical artefacts and famous artwork.  

The Museum of Modern Art holds pieces from Andy Warhol, Picasso, Van Gough and Matisse along with a collection of 22000 films and performance art.  

The Museum of Natural History is a wold renowned museum situated in New York. It holds some of the oldest fossils ever discovered by archaeologists and contains the world’s largest collection of dinosaur and other vertebrate fossils. There are more than 600 specimens displayed throughout the museum.

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