How To Plan A Holiday

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Thinking of booking your summer holidays but not sure where to start?  Sometimes, working out how to plan a holiday can seem like hard work. Our experts here at Enduria Travel Shop understand that you may be too busy to spend hours online looking for flights or accommodation and just want to get it booked and get going.

There are a variety of different options open to you when it comes to booking your holiday and we have researched the most popular options for you;

  1. How to plan a holiday online

The internet offers a huge number of different ways to travel overseas.  From budget sites for backpackers, through to websites catering for the most exclusive resorts, there is something for everyone. You will need to choose your destination, find flights and accommodation and ensure the co-ordination of all of these aspects of your holiday.

You may well know how to book a holiday online, but in reality you could be leaving yourself wide open to potential problems. Whilst it may look great in the photographs, nothing beats real life knowledge of the regions you are planning to visit.

Lots of internet travel operators are not specialists in there field and purely spend their time sourcing and advertising low cost holidays.

Our staff don’t just pluck prices off the internet. Instead we use our passion for travelling, and our combined experiences to advise you on the very best type of holiday to suit your requirements.

  1. How to plan a holiday through a High Street travel agent

Holidays can be expensive, and many of us still wouldn’t feel comfortable paying a large sum of money online.  That is one of the reasons that High Street travel agents are still well respected and well used.  Being able to sit in front of an agent who can talk you through the process of booking you holiday, options available to you and complete costs is reassuring for many holidaymakers in the UK.

Your agent will find you holidays to suit your budget, and will show you pictures of the resorts and accommodation available.  They should also advise you of any other considerations including vaccinations, taxes and additional costs.

Whilst our colleagues in the High Street travel agents do a sterling job, they are not always able to source the best deals or have the experience to know how to plan a holiday perfectly every time.

  1. How to plan a holiday direct with the owners

Owner direct holidays are popular here in the UK, but can be risky if you are travelling a long distance to stay in someones home or holiday rental.  Of course, there are many excellent owners who offer perfectly suitable accommodation, but we have all heard the horror stories or arriving to find the villa you paid for doesn’t even exist!

Most owners will advertise their rentals online or in the press, and you can contact them direct to discuss availability and prices.  Like all holiday bookings, you will need to pay the full amount before your depart, but unlike other bookings your money is not usually protected should something go wrong.

Don’t take any risks, find out how to plan a holiday you can be sure of

Here at Enduria Travel Shop we know how to plan a holiday perfectly every time.  From bespoke luxury travel packages, through to family friendly beach holidays, we can take the stress and worry out of holiday planning so you can just relax and enjoy it.

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