Noche de San Juan

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The beach at Playa del Ingles is famous for many things, its miles of golden sand, its sweeping sand dunes and its crystal clear waters, it is also the location for many sporting events such as volleyball, windsurfing and surf competitions, and over recent years, the beach has become a place of celebration, as thousands of people head to its sandy shores to enjoy New Years Eve under the stars.

One of the largest events to take place on Playa del Ingles beach is the celebration which goes alongside ‘Noche de San Juan’, Saint John’s Eve, or Midsummer, as it is referred to in many parts of the world, it marks the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist.

From early evening thousands of people flock to Playa del Ingles beach, equipped with coolers full of refreshments, to sing and dance the night away. The traditional element associated with San Juan is fire, and this is evident through a huge bonfire on the beach and a spectacular firework display, which lights up the whole of Playa del Ingles, it’s without doubt, the highlight of the night!

The celebrations at Playa del Ingles beach are one hundred percent family friendly, even though the event carries on into the small hours you’ll find many young children rejoicing alongside adults of all ages!

If you happen to be in Gran Canaria on the evening of San Juan, June 23rd, make sure you head to Playa del Ingles beach to see this yearly spectacular, you will not be disappointed!

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