Planning your own holiday? Why you should use a specialist holiday planner instead…

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As worldly wise and very experienced Travel Specialists, our team at Enduria Travel Shop are on hand to help our clients find the very best affordable luxury holidays.

We know that our clients are pleased with the service we provide, and are grateful that we take care of all of the finer details for them.  So, when people ask us why they should use a specialist travel consultant, instead of just booking their flights and hotels themselves, we are delighted to be able to wax lyrical about the comprehensive services we can offer them.

If you are wondering why you should book using a specialist holiday planner, here are just 3 reasons why:

  1. Our holidays are tailor made, never one size fits all

When you book a package holiday you are restricted by change over dates, the flight times and the accommodation offered by the operator. This is a very traditional way to book, and can in some instances be a cost effective way to secure your holiday.   But, there is little or no flexibility and you are limited with your choices.

When using a specialist holiday planner like the team at Enduria Travel Shop however, we can help to meet all of your specific needs. We can find you the exact number of nights you want, fly you from the airport closest to you and even source a hotel or accommodation that offers whatever little extra you are looking for.

  1. We have years of personal experience to offer you

If you choose to plan your own holiday, you are really planning it blind.  You will be visiting places that you have never been to before, you could be travelling to whole new parts of the world, or even travelling to a country where a language barrier could make things difficult for you. Perhaps the pictures you see online, aren’t as nice in real life, or the resort you are visiting is best avoided at certain times.

As a traveller you can try to limit potential disappointment by reading online reviews, and researching the area you wish to visit. Hearing about your destination from someone who has been there though is just about the best review you can get, short of being there yourself.

Our Travel Team have been all around the world, and we are passionate about the places we visit. That’s why we can talk for hours about our recommendations, our reservations and offer your useful advice about your intended destination.

  1. We provide low risk holidays for low, low prices

If you choose to book your holiday using a search engine or comparison site, you can expect the bare minimum when it comes to customer service.  Airline carriers, online ticket vendors and last minute package sellers are not all bad, but they are in the business of making money and not necessarily helping to meet the needs of the holidaymaker.

Sometimes, businesses go bust, ticket sellers are fraudulent or that 5* hotel you have booked turns out to be a 2* building site.  This doesn’t happen often, but there is always a risk when you book direct.

Here at Enduria Travel Shop we won’t even consider offering hotels, resorts, airlines or destinations that aren’t 100% genuine and have an established reputation behind them. We are fully licensed and can provide you with everything you would expect from a travel agent, including hotel accommodation, flights, airport transfers, cruises, excursions and car hire.

Your holiday is supposed to be your time to relax, not worry about what could go wrong when you get there.

Through our extensive network of resort partners, we have access to regular promotional offers and exclusive deals.  Find out more about our special offers today.

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